With a commitment to complexity and a mindful approach, Embodied Affirmation School focuses on Integrated Spirituality, LGBTQIA+ Inclusion, and Connection through online courses, workshops, 1:1 & Group Coaching, Consultation, and in-person live events.

Embody True Affirmation

Are you seeking to integrate parts of yourself that have seemed to war with each other? Are you looking for ways to integrate spirituality with LGBTQ+ personhood or reclaim spirituality post deconstruction?


Are you looking to improve your competency in inclusion and allyship for LGBTQIA+ folks?

You're in the right place!!

Hi, I’m Charity! I'm glad you're here.

Over the past 13 years, I've been helping folks reconnect with their spirits, heal from spiritual trauma, and embrace their whole personhood. I've also taught dozens of workshops on LGBTQ+ allyship/advocacy, spirituality, and more.

After noticing how needed this work is, along with a deep cultural need for more authenticity and connection, I created Embodied Affirmation School to help foster more connection, authenticity, and cultural understanding.

I look forward to having you join this emerging community of intentionality, deep living, and authentic connection.

Courses & Cohort Based Experiences

Coaching & Consultation

1:1 & Groups for Reconnecting with & Deepening Spirituality

1:1 & Group Coaching Dedicated to Affirmation & Empowerment

1:1 Coaching for Professionals & Family Members of LGBTQIA+ People

More Coming Soon! Including:

Group Coaching Opportunities

CE Workshops for Helping Professionals

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Workshops

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